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  • IGN

    Key Members of Disco Elysium Developer ZA/UM Have Left the Company In an 'Involuntary' Manner

    According to Martin Luiga, an editor on ZA/UM's Disco Elysium, key members of the company, including lead writer and designer Robert Kurvitz, writer Helen Hindpere, and lead of art and… [...]

    Star Wars: Andor Figures Revealed by Hasbro

    The newest Star Wars series is getting some most impressive figures courtesy of Hasbro. Get a closer look at the latest additions to the Star Wars: The Black Series line. [...]

    The Indiana Jones Series Is Finally Getting New Action Figures

    After a 15-year drought, Hasbro is finally releasing new Indiana Jones figures. Get an exclusive first look at the Indiana Jones: The Adventure Series line. [...]

    Werewolf By Night Director Says He Included Lots of Gore Because 'No One Said No'

    Werewolf By Night director Michael Giacchino tells us that the movie is unusually gory for the MCU because he kept asking for more blood, and "no one said no." [...]

    10 Most Enchanting Magical Girl Anime of All Time

    This list ranks all the best magical girl anime from Sailor Moon to Puella Magi Madoka Magica. [...]


    Tesla built 365,923 electric vehicles in Q3, up 42 percent from Q2

    After pandemic-related disruptions in Q2, Tesla ramped up its manufacturing capacity again last quarter, leading the company to make a record number of deliveries between July 1st and September 30th.… [...]

    Chrome's controversial new extension platform is coming in 2023

    Google has slowly but surely been marching towards a new extension platform called Manifest V3 for Chrome. And now there is a firm timeline for its rollout. Starting with Chrome… [...]

    Twitter gives its DMs on the Android app a more modern look

    Twitter has started rolling out some changes for its Android app that gives people sliding into DMs a more visually appealing interface. The social network's Android app has remained largely… [...]

    Intel-owned autonomous driving tech company Mobileye files for an IPO

    Mobileye, the self-driving tech firm that Intel had purchased for $15.3 billion back in 2017, has filed for an IPO with the Securities and Exchange Commission. When Intel first announced… [...]

    Leaked Pixel Watch images show band designs, watch faces and Fitbit integration

    It's only a few days until Google's big Pixel event, where the company will show off the Pixel 7 lineup as well as the first flagship smartwatch it designed in-house… [...]


    In the third quarter of 2022, Tesla faced soaring commodity prices, executive turnover, and growing pains at its new factories in Germany and Texas. [...]

    Working conditions during the pandemic pushed many workers to organize — but fears about a potential recession could curb the union boom. [...]

    Walmart+ members tend to be more affluent than the average Walmart shopper, but 1 in 4 members receives government-provided food assistance. [...]

    Search and rescue efforts are underway in Florida after a devastating Category 4 hurricane made landfall Wednesday. [...]

    With a recession seeming to be only a matter of when not if, economists are taking a dim view of what's ahead. [...]

  • ESPN

    Ravens' Lamar Jackson avoids sack, completes pass tipped by Mark Andrews to Devin Duvernay

    Jackson took 6.47 seconds on that throw, according to NFL Next Gen Stats. That is Jackson's most time to throw on any completion this season. [...]

    Steelers rookie Pickett replaces Trubisky at QB

    Steelers rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett replaced Mitch Trubisky to start the second half in Sunday's game against the Jets. [...]

    Sources: Winless Colorado fires HC Dorrell, DC

    Colorado has fired head coach Karl Dorrell and defensive coordinator Chris Wilson after starting the season 0-5. [...]

    Bama jumps Georgia to take top spot in AP poll

    Alabama is the new No. 1 in the AP poll, moving past Georgia, which pulled out closer-than-expected victories in each of the past two weeks. Ohio State, Michigan and Clemson… [...]

    Death toll in Indonesia soccer stampede hits 125

    At least 125 fans have been killed at a soccer match in Indonesia, authorities have said, making it one of the deadliest sports events in history. [...]


    See the New British Coins Featuring Charles III

    In his new portrait, the king faces left—and doesn't wear a crown [...]

    Dogs Can Smell When You’re Stressed Out

    A small study suggests that highly sensitive canine noses can pick up on the odors that frazzled humans emit [...]

    The Ship That Tried to Warn the Titanic Has Been Found

    Scientists discovered the S.S. Mesaba in the Irish Sea—with the help of multibeam sonar [...]

    Burst Pipelines in Baltic Sea May Be the Largest Methane Leak Ever

    Some officials believe the cause was deliberate [...]

    Could UV Light Reduce the Spread of Covid-19 in Indoor Spaces?

    Some wavelengths of light in a range called far-UVC kill microbes in experiments and appear to be harmless to people [...]

    Arcade Hero

    Injustice Arcade Series 4 Cards Launched; New Fast & Furious Cabinet Shot

    As we end September and approach IAAPA, arcade news tends to pick up a little, although the way things are shaking out economically, I’m not anticipating it being as strong… [...]

    September 2022 Arcade Releases – Astro Ninja Man EXA; James Bond 007; P-47 Aces Mk. II; Samurai Shodown V Perfect; Stripes

    September was a slow month for my business but it’s been a good month for new arcade releases, so let’s highlight was began shipping this month for locations to grab.… [...]

    Location Watch September 2022: New Arcades For The USA, UK, India, and Australia

    Welcome to Location Watch, a semi-regular post that highlights the grand openings of new arcade locations. I endeavor to report on all that I can discover but sometimes I do… [...]

    James Bond 007 Pinball Revealed

    Delayed from their initial reveal in London last week due to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, today Stern Pinball pulled back the curtain on their next release to the… [...]

    Spotted On Test: MotoGP VR

    The following story is about a game on “location test,” which is the arcade industry’s version of a beta test. The game may never be released or it might change… [...]

  • Gaming 101 Guides

    We love a lot of games, but here are some of our favorites.

    We play a lot of Call of Duty games including the new Black Ops Cold War, Modern Warfare, and Black Ops 4. Learn more in our game guide.

    One of the most interesting first person shooters is Overwatch. With so many heros, the game never gets old. Give it a try today on PC or console.

    We’ve been playing Halo since it was released over 20 years ago. Our current favorite Halo title is Halo 5, but we will feature older versions too.

    If you’ve heard of or played Splitgate, then the phrase “Halo meets Portal” comes to mind. It’s unique gameplay is interesting and complex.

    Rainbow Six Siege is hands down the most tactical FPS experience one could ask for if you own a current to last-gen console or PC.

    The reveal trailer for Battlefield 2042 took the world by literal storm as it revealed much of what franchise fans expect from the gameplay.

    Forza Horizon 5 is the best version of the Forza games since it features a more open experience akin to older games like Need for Speed.

    Madden 22 is the officially licesned NFL football game for consoles. Every year, incremental updates are made that draw the attention of players.

    The latest soccer/football game that is officially licensed is FIFA. It has teams from all around the world so you can play with the top players.

    Check Out Our Gaming Video Clips

    We add new gaming video clips to our site and our YouTube channel regularly