Fast Tennis

Game Description

Fast Tennis is a free instant game. Welcome to a truly international game: tennis. Tennis is a game that was designed for kings and queens to play in order to non-violently decide the fate of nations. It has been played by movie stars, elite members of society, and the glitterati from all walks of life. In Fast Tennis, you will have the opportunity to prove your mettle and test your worth against a lightning-fast AI-controlled tennis bot. This tennis bot has been developed and trained to devastate the competition. Remember, the tennis bot will not go easy on you. You must be on your toes and only bring your best game. Tennis has long been used to separate the wheat from the chaff as it will be used now to separate the weak from the strong. Is your finger fast enough to devastate the tennis bots AI? Can you take your place at the side of the monarchs of history and step up to the challenge? Or will you be trodden under foot, your life and ambitions crushed as you clumsily swing and miss? Only Fast Tennis will know for sure.


On your desktop computer use your mouse to point and click on the bottom-most tennis racket. Your job is to use that racket to deflect the tennis ball and smash it over the opponent’s goal line.

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