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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War – soon to be the second most recent Call of Duty to be released – graced all the world’s consoles and PCs with its presence on November 13, 2020. The traditional first-person shooter was published by Activision and developed by the highly revered Treyarch in collaboration with Raven Software. This entry is the first since Modern Warfare 3 to be developed by two studios.

Unfortunately, the release followed the incredible success of the previously released battle royale mode, Call of Duty Warzone, which rakes about $5 million daily for the parent company. Despite the many struggles that Black Ops Cold War has seen, millions of players across the globe still play this game’s captivating campaign mode, arcade-style multiplayer modes, and of course, the ever-popular and exclusive Zombies mode.


The Campaign is nothing short of genius, with a story that closely resembles the mysterious psycho-thrills of the original Black Ops game that was released a little over a decade ago. It has you controlling a guy named “Bell” in a myriad of action-packed missions led by Adler, who at first appears to be noble.

Eventually, you discover his true intentions in a trippy, mind-bending showcase of the developer’s beautifully realized interpretation of what it might be like to have your mind washed and controlled. It follows a similar concept used to tell Mason’s story in the original Black Ops. Without spoiling too much, the narrative has multiple endings that you must play on your own to experience the true genius of the dev team.


The Multiplayer has no shortage of opportunities for finding action-packed play-sessions to pass the time. Its concept is simple: get kills and don’t die. However, sometimes you’ll be doing the latter more than the former. Most players spend most of their playtime in these modes, so there will always be enemies to hunt and kill. However, the objectives that work behind the kills are what make the experiences unique from one another.

Team Deathmatch is the most played multiplayer mode because it is the most simple, casual way to play the game – or as calm as SBMM would allow. Other modes like Search and Destroy, Kill Confirmed, and Domination rank high in the most played modes. They also have bigger lobbies and moshpits familiar to the franchise for other ways to unlock weapons, perks, and level up your player account.


Additionally, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War continues the legacy of the Zombies Survival series. This time, the developers pay homage to the first Call of Duty Nazi Zombies mode ever to hit consoles in the Call of Duty World at War game. The first stage available at launch is an extension of the same stage from the original game. There are more secrets to explore and more play areas to run from the killer zombies. Unlike other Zombies modes, Cold War Zombies has a pretty fluent progression system. It allows for players to level up like they would in Multiplayer mode. While that isn’t unique to the mini-game series, this would be the first time Treyarch created an entirely new set of weapon camos for the zombies mode. Each weapon has its own level and prestige separate from Multiplayer, but you can use the camos you unlock in multiplayer mode and vice versa. Loads of accessibility and crossover potential exist across these two modes.

What’s Next?

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War will continue seeing updates nearing the close of its annual cycle. When Vanguard comes out, a predictable drop in the player base will occur, but it won’t be enough to be detrimental to your daily grind for those Diamond and Dark Matter camos.

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