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Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is hands down the most tactical FPS experience one could ask for if you own a current to last-gen console or PC. Join a team of 5 players and play either as defenders or attackers against another group of five players who want to win the game just as badly as you do. You will use guns, explosives, and many more tools to breach doors, destroy breakable walls, and kill your enemy once and for all. The game is structured to stand out from traditional shooters in every way. Run-and-gun strategies simply don’t apply here, and communication, tool usage, and knowledge of maps, and notable community exploitable strategies are the key to finding victory in Rainbow Six Siege.

Crisp Strategy Gameplay

Because the game has so much depth in the operators and maps and the other ways you can play, going beyond the surface-level tips can be a task on its own. However, some people consider that necessary to experience the game as it was meant to be. Sure, you can win a few rounds by doing the basic fixes like learning map layouts, learning camera locations, and adjusting your sensitivity. Those things are sort of genre-specific and can work for any game like this. We all know, though, that Rainbow Six Siege has a wide range as far as playability, so you will have to play the game to learn the nuances.

A few techniques have transcended simple gaming strategy and become advanced “must-haves” in the game. For example, “slicing the pie” is a technique used by the military and law enforcement that players have adopted as common sense in a round of Rainbow Six Siege. Slicing the pie defines a strategy of clearing rooms safely by doing things like hugging walls, playing peeking angles, and doing whatever it takes to secure a space with as little risk to your well-being as possible. Because Rainbow Six Siege is so immersive, using real-life strategies like this only takes the game to levels of incredible realism. Some argue that because of strategy and gameplay depth like this, Rainbow Six Siege is more than just a shooter; it’s more of an infiltration-style military simulator.

Community Support

The developers believed that community would be the driving factor for success, so they supported the following with a few opportunities for building that group of early fans with the hope that constant growth would come from it. SquadFinder and Gameplan are among two concepts to help with outreach for Rainbow Six Siege.

SquadFinder is excellent since it allows you to have a profile that tracks your in-game data and habits to help you find the perfect team. Gameplan is a more in-depth strategy and tip platform for the community to learn together. It’s basically a big forum that will have videos and content to some of the game’s most taxing questions. These are excellent places to start if you don’t feel like sifting the internet for Rainbow Six Siege LFGs and forums for information.

The game is still very popular

Rainbow Six Siege has taken the FPS community by storm. There are very few games in the community that have amassed and maintained the following that this one has. The devs launched this game several years ago. Specifically, November of 2015 would have Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege finally come to console and PC, and what a joyous time it was. Not only was it highly anticipated, but it was well-received when it finally dropped.

Now, some players live and breathe by this game, and for good reason. It’s a great game to play with friends casually, but it can also get super sweaty if you are a hardcore competitive gamer like most players in the community. Other games claim to be tactical, but none come close to the precision and crisp strategy and structure found in Rainbow Six Siege. If there is, it’s probably not an FPS game.

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