Hidden Objects

Game Description

Dreamy Realm is a free hidden object game. Oh wow, 12 whole levels of hidden object fun. Bet you can’t play just one! You’re going to love Dreamy Realm for both its dreaminess and its realness. There are 12 levels of this dreamy hidden object game for you to play consider and ultimately master. Take our hand and enter this delightful fantasy world and help the fantasy creatures find and clean up their magical items. They are missing their magic stuff, their fairy stuff, their elf stuff, and maybe even ghost stuff? Come prepared to find many more random objects. It will not be easy to find them. Look to the bottom of the screen for the missing items that you must find quickly. Every time you find an item, a new item may appear in its place to be found. Find all the items as fast as you can to earn a higher score. Some items may be tiny and some may be more obvious. If you get stuck there are all kinds of cool hints. You only have this option when the circle is filled with green though and it does lower your score. Click on High Scores to see where you rank against other hidden object players.


On your desktop computer or mobile device please click on and through the various in-game menus. On each level you will be presented with a variety of objects that they expect you to find.

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