Spear Toss Challenge

Game Description

Spear Toss Challenge is a sports game. Run, throw, score: that is the motto of the Spear Toss champions from around the world. Whether you’re a born athlete, a keyboard jockey, or a humble noob you’ll find yourself lost in an immersive game of running, then throwing, and then scoring. This is a game of instinct and skill, of luck and labor. Jog through a forest then decide when it’s time to launch your spear, choose the angle, and then let it rip. Can you score big? Can you launch your way up the leaderboard the same way you launch the spear through the trees? It takes practice, dedication, and a little luck to be the ultimate spear toss champion.


Game Instructions / Directions: Click the left mouse button to start the thrower running. Click the mouse button again to begin aiming the spear. When the spear is at the correct angle press the mouse button again to launch your way into the history books.

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