Samurai Rampage

Game Description

Samurai Rampage is a free platform game. Known for their patience, their virtue, and their steadfast dedication to discipline and order, one must ask what could truly make a samurai rage? We promise you that you will find out in our new game ‘Samurai Rampage.’ In Samurai Rampage you will become a furious fighter who is hell-bent on slaying an army of the evil undead. Demons have risen and they are not happy! Sharpen your sword and store up your rage for a lightning-fast run through a never-ending dojo in this point and click, tap or you’ll miss it assault on bad guys and boredom. The little demons’ faces are groaning and growling to get your attention, each more wicked and evil than the last. You’ll have to strike first and strike hard if you want to defeat the grizzly army of grinning gremlins. Build up your rage-o-meter in order to properly strike them down. Do not falter and do not fail for your mission is of utmost importance. If you were to fall then who would stand against the demons of the deep?


On your mobile device or desktop computer please use your finger to tap or your mouse to point and click. Your mission is to dash and slash at the demons as they show up. Build up a healthy rage in your rage-o-meter and unleash devastating super attacks.

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