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Forza Horizon 5

Microsoft and Xbox Studios have made strides with the launch of their new console, the Xbox Series X/S. However, there haven’t been many games to talk about in regards to exclusives for the brand. Halo: Infinite has been “infinitely” delayed, and Gears of War has only seen some remasters ported over through Game Pass. Speaking of Game Pass, all the talk about Xbox has been about their video game cloud services and library. Those things are good, but there hasn’t been one game to bring owners of the Xbox Series X/S out of last-gen until Forza Horizon 5.

Largest Launch Since Xbox Series X/S Released

That statement is not an over-exaggeration. Playground Studios celebrated with Microsoft and Xbox Studios that they have already amassed 4.5 million players in 5 days after the November 5, 2021 launch of their flagship racing simulator. The Forza brand has never been a slouch, but it has driven in the shadows of other AAA heavy hitters like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto 5, and many other games that don’t need to be mentioned.

Forza Horizon became the better version of the game since it featured a more open experience akin to the racing games of yesteryear like Midnight Club and Need for Speed. The stunning graphics and hyper-realistic attention to driving details found in the Forza brand seem the make a perfect formula when added with the coveted “open-world” feature that every gamer craves in this generation.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect because Forza Horizon 5, already being a shoo-in for the most successful game of this quarter, launched during one of the worst periods for other AAA games. Between lawsuits and scandals and lack of content, there haven’t been that many gaming milestones, and Playground Studios is filling that gap in the best way.

Graphics and Settings

There aren’t many opportunities to really see the capabilities of 4K gaming, but when they come, they come hard. Forza Horizon 5 would be one of the games to deliver us a proper 4K experience. If you have a PC or Xbox Series X/X, you can experience all of your favorite cars and driving experiences in full 4K 60fps or 120fps, depending on the setup you are playing on.

The gameplay is created by the incredibly silky smooth simulation racing geniuses over at Playground Studios. You’ve seen the beauty once, and you’ll see it again here. However, they are doing everything in Mexico. Many of the environments feel familiar to American drivers, but the open fields, desert terrains, green jungles, and vast history is there to be explored. Even the campaign takes you trails and trips you would have never taken on your own. And with the new photo mode, you can share with your friends your in-game experience of a realistic Mexico captured like never before. It’s pretty impressive how real the environments look in Forza Horizon 5.

Customization of cars and drivers?

It’s certainly not the first time that we’ve seen driver customizations. However, Forza is taking it to the next level by giving you clothes to wear, hats to rock, and even genders to choose from. No joke, you can choose to be a woman with a man’s voice and a neutral name. There are thousands of names to choose from, and while that won’t sound as impressive at first, note that every name has been voice recorded for every instance of a name inserted by every voice actor in the game. The lengths they went to make this feel like a truly immersive tour make you wonder why you would even consider playing another racing game.

It is a whopping 114GB to download, but for good reason. There are thousands upon thousands of vehicles to buy, sell, and win to add to your garage collection. There is no telling what other opportunities they will add for DLC, but for now, there is enough content for you to see all of Mexico if you want.

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