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If you’ve heard of or played Splitgate, then the phrase “Halo meets Portal” comes to mind, or at least, it literally popped up on your screen at some point. That’s the phrase I see on the company site, and for good reason. The gameplay is reminiscent of the FPS, hip-fire, floaty jumping action from the original Halo games on Xbox. The big difference here, though, is that you can use portals. Who knew that we needed portals in Halo. The guns are traditional and straightforward. There isn’t any weapon that has never been seen in a shooter like this one before. However, the game gets entirely flipped on its head when you consider the addition of portals. Now, there isn’t really anywhere to camp and hide. The mobility options and room for advanced techniques multiply by the thousands with the addition of the portal walls. It’s a unique combination of two concepts no one asked for, but everyone needed.

Portals, Portals, Portals

As mentioned above, the standout mechanic of Splitgate is hinted at by the title. You create portals that you can use to shift positions around the map quickly. Everyone has a gun attached to their arm that shoots a portal beam. When you shoot that beam on a wall that is “portal accessible,” a gate will open for you to go through at any time until you create a new one. Beware, though, because anyone can go through your portal. You can’t see the contents of anyone’s portal, but you can jump right in as long as the player leaves it open.

Anything movable in the game can go through these portals, too. Guns, players, weapons, and bullets can pass through the portals as long as they are open, so it’s best to close anything you aren’t using. Also, your portal gun range is limitless. While it doesn’t damage foes, you can pretty much link to any wall that you can see, which means you can hop across wide ranges without having to take more than a few steps. The strategies this relatively simple concept has spawned are endless, and you’ll only be able to learn them by playing the game for yourself.

This is a PVP experience like no other

As mentioned earlier, there is not much that stands out in terms of gameplay and graphics beyond the portals being created in the game. It’s much of what we’re most familiar with when it comes to first-person shooter games. You have your shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, snipers, and melee weapons. That’s all normal. However, the developers took it to the next level by keeping it the same and adding a concept as convoluted as warriors could teleport through portal walls.

It has been on Steam since 2019, but it gained popularity when it was released to the current-gen consoles, including PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The console gaming community has received this game very well, with many five and ten-star reviews coming from notable gaming content sites. On top of that, it’s free-to-play if you’re on certain consoles, so there isn’t a reason not to play this game. The character customizations aren’t that in-depth, but we’re all here for the gameplay. As the first portal shooter to be this successful, it seems like it’s only up from here in the eyes of the shooting game community.

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