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Battlefield 2042

EA and DICE, now called Ripple Effect, blew the world away when they announced that the new Battlefield game would launch this year. The reveal trailer for Battlefield 2042 took the world by literal storm as it revealed much of what franchise fans expect from the gameplay. Still, this time, there was a literal giant storm obliterating the city in the trailer. People were jumping out of jets to shoot a bazooka at another one, snipers were going crazy, and it was just absolute mayhem.

Everyone was there for it and super hyped about Call of Duty’s main FPS competitor. Unfortunately, there was a delay that prevented everyone from experiencing its greatness in October. However, there wasn’t that much time between the hold and the release on November 19, 2021. Other than the trailer, though, there were many updates to the game that has old-time fans of the franchise excited, as well as unique new modes that find current Call of Duty try-hards ready to discreetly crossover to the “dark side.”

EA’s Partnership with Game Pass

Owners of Game Pass wondered if Battlefield 2042 would be available on the cloud gaming platform. Unfortunately, they didn’t add it, so everyone would have to pay full price for the game. However, many of the perks that EA subscription holders gained were transferred to current Game Pass users because of the partnership between EA and Xbox. One of these perks includes the free 10-hour trial that EA members have access to for Battlefield 2042.

Microsoft has seen many acquisitions of gaming studios in the past few years. While EA wasn’t one of them, many EA games are available on Game Pass, which is why many people wondered if that included Battlefield 2042. EA recognizes that might not be the best thing for their pockets, so they keep that software exclusive to their services while everyone else has to pay. It’s not terrible, though, since most people were expecting to pay for the game anyway.

Gameplay and Features

It’s well known that the Battlefield and Call of Duty fanbases beef with one another regularly about which game is better. Of course, they are totally different games, but they are the biggest in the genre, so people naturally pick sides. However, it’s looking like the Battlefield team, EA, and DICE are taking full advantage of the fact that they haven’t branded themselves as annual launchers like Activision. They’ve jampacked this game with features and concepts that are certain to be an excellent refresher for hardcore fans of the genre.

Battlefield Portal

DICE and EA recognize the amount of hate that Call of Duty gets for not being innovative and essentially releasing the same game every year. It’s reasonable to assume that’s why they were motivated to develop a mode that will give power to the players in such a big way, which they’ve coined as Battlefield Portal.

Battlefield Portal is a play on words because you will have the ability to reach into a proverbial portal and grab sections of all the previously launched Battlefield games to make your very own modes and lobbies. It’s actually insane to think that you can have Battlefield 1942 in Battlefield 2042 with the taps of some buttons.

The rulesets and weapon combinations are endless, and the world-building potential for tournaments and challenges is virtually limitless. Popular franchises like this are leaning toward giving creativity to the player since it’s not always best to attempt to guess what they want. A similar thing happened with Mario Maker. Full customization offers many opportunities for the community to grow. When people have a hand in making something, they want to share it with the world. That sharing potential is what takes already great games to becoming God status, and Battlefield 2042 Portal Mode has that potential to bring the best out of all of us fps gamers.

There isn’t word on a campaign mode coming post-launch, but it’s an obvious play at this point to at least add a battle royale mode. Right now, it seems all the focus went to online multiplayer modes and Portal. Whether a battle royale version of the game comes can only be told in time.

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