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The OG “football” launched in 2021 on the 16th of September, and fans were just as excited as many would expect. FIFA represents the world’s most popular sport and most profitable sports simulator by the EA Sports brand. It’s no surprise that hype would surround the inevitable launch of this annual treat for sports simulation fans. This year boasts lots of upgrades and changes to the familiar way to play this game.

New HyperMotion Gameplay Tech

One of the more exciting updates to FIFA 2022 is implementing a “groundbreaking new HyperMotion gameplay technology” that will increase the immersion for players in each match. It’s only available on the current-gen consoles and Stadia, so PS4 or Xbox One owners won’t be able to take advantage of this new technology.

For those who own a PS5, Xbox Series X/S, or Google Stadia, you’ll get to see the results of the Advanced 11v11 Match Capture games that the developers and producers ran to make animations and movement to an even higher level. The players in these matches wore “Xsens suits,” which are expected to capture data from 22 active soccer players in real-time. This real-human movement data was then used as a reference for making most of the animations in FIFA 2022.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this done for video games. While it’s common practice for computer graphics engineers to use suits on real people and animals to capture things that are incredibly difficult to reanimate on screen, video games like Mortal Kombat have built their brand on hyper-realistic movements in-game.

Machine learning systems are used to reverse engineer the data collected by the Xsens suits and allow for profound adaptations while playing matches in FIFA 2022. It’s incredible to see how far technology has gotten in general. Still, it’s beautiful to witness it used to exploit corners of video game development, which we wouldn’t have even imagined just a decade ago is indisputably impressive.


One of the newest modes to come to FIFA this year is FUT22’s Rulebreakers. EA touts that Rulebreakers will provide players with “game-changing attributes upgrades that [will] transform their style of play.” Everyone loves customization, especially in their favorite sports simulator.

This new game mode is EA’s way of mixing up the way to play FUT in place of the more familiar way to progress through the game. With the new Rulebreaker squads being released periodically, it’s safe to assume they will treat this like seasonal events. At launch, EA announced that the first set would be playable on October 29th, followed by another set being released on November 5th.

There are also Rulebreakers-themed Squad Building Challenges, Objectives, and Live FUT Friendly tasks and events that are directly associated with this new mode. As Rulebreakers is the newest thing to come to FIFA, players are excited that the game is still being innovated like this. There are still lots to learn from this seemingly weekly updated game-changing adjustment, but only time will tell how valuable this will be for the game.

Gameplay Features and Community Reception

This year, they have adjusted many gameplay elements to help capture a more realistic mode of playing, taking advantage of every bit of power this generation of consoles has to offer its developers. Here are a few of the upgrades FIFA 22 players have to look forward to:

Goalkeeper Rewrite

The AI has been boosted to give teams a more iron-clad last line of defense than last year. The shot-stopping capabilities of the goalies have been improved, unlocking better decision-making and more human-like movement.

True Ball Physics

The ball’s physics has also been captured to create a more realistic ball-player interaction than any of the other iterations of FIFA. Speed, air drag, swerve, air resistance, rolling friction, ground friction, and many other parameters that affect balls IRL have been calculated.

Explosive Sprint

Explosive Sprint is a totally new mechanic to FIFA, and it enhances the interaction between two players. It gives you absolute control over your acceleration when defending or dribbling. Of course, there may be consequences that players may discover as they play.

It should come as no surprise that fans of the franchise are hyped. However, they are constantly bringing in new FIFA players with innovations and gameplay modes that seem to adapt every year. Hopefully, they can maintain this momentum when the next one comes out.

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