Commando Boat

Game Description

Commando Boat is a free-action game. The invasion is on and will never end. The enemy forces are growing in number, moving faster, and becoming smarter and smarter. All you can do to protect yourself is power up your boat with shields, magnets, and better weaponry. Save your pennies to pick up a bigger boat, a faster boat, or a boat with thicker armor. Whatever you want to do is your choice as you take on the armies and obstacles of your enemy. The unseen opponent will send wave after wave of mercenary miscreants after you and all you can do is fight back with your boating skills, some full-auto intervention, and power-ups like the defensive shield, the magnetron, and some boost and ammo supplies. Your goal is to devastate the competition with extreme prejudice as you command your commando boat down a never-ending river of pain. Nobody knows why the conflict began or how it will end, the important thing is that you fight it forever and to the best of your abilities. Don’t let the bad guys bring you down as you blast and blow through their encampments, catch some air, collect some coins, dodge water mines, and destroy them all.


On your desktop computer please use your arrow buttons to move the boat left or right. Fire on enemies and obstacles using the space key. On your mobile device use the buttons on the side of the screen to navigate and the lower button to open fire.

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