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EA Sports returns once again as the annual representative of the National Football League in one of the most popular sports simulator franchises to exist since the genre began, Madden NFL 22. The original release date when it was released in 2021 was August 20. Fans who preordered the legendary football franchise would have gotten their copies three days earlier than everyone else. There were also three different versions to choose from at launch, including the $99.99 Dynasty Edition, the $79.99 MVP Edition, and, of course, the Standard Edition for $59.99.

Franchise Mode

EA Sports heard the cries of last year’s Madden fans about the lack of support for the Franchise Mode. This year, they promised players that they would get more staff management and updated systems for skill tree progressions. Gameplans also got comprehensive weekly strategies seamlessly integrated. With the recognition of the ever-important “Games as a Service” model that most games are using this generation, EA Sports brought many improvisations, including live service updates to the Madden NFL 22 community.

Face of the Franchise

In earlier entries of the Madden NFL franchise, the formerly called “Superstar Mode” was updated and changed into what is now known as Face of the Franchise. Many people were a bit disappointed at the handling of this mode, but EA Sports did work to make this a much better experience for players. There are now more customization options, an all-new Player Class, progressions systems, and many more options to make Madden 22 fans more immersed than those who played previous iterations.

The Yard

Many franchise fans were excited to learn that The Yard was returning, this time with a new challenge-based Solo or Co-Op campaign mode. The Yard is a staple to the later years of the franchise as it offered a unique way to play simulations of games worldwide. In Madden NFL 2022, you can play with friends to unlock gear for your avatar, visit new and uniquely designed fields from across the globe, and battle boss characters using NFL talents obtained in your playthrough.

This was expected, though, since a Madden NFL game wouldn’t be complete without a traditional campaign mode for players to simulate the life of an actual NFL player traveling the nation going head to head against the “biggest and the baddest.” This time around, there are four different chapters that each have their own boss and venues that allow you to unlock newer parts of the game. There are specific house rules with each venue, which would enable a unique experience as opposed to simply playing randomly scheduled teams back to back, as we’ve seen in traditional sports simulators.

Unified Progression

Now in Madden NFL 22, Class Progression is unified. This means that whatever you earn in Face of the Franchise can be used in The Yard and other various player progression-based modes in the game. It’s a neat addition to the game that lets your player be more versatile to the game itself. You can level up each of the shared classes in either mode, and you can use Superstar X-Factor abilities.

Community Reception

Unfortunately, Madden NFL 22, similar to more recent iterations of the game, has been under fire by the community because there are no significant updates to the game coming. Even when they try something new, it’s been reported to be riddled with bugs and neglect. Most people play Madden NFL simply to enjoy the simulation of professional football.

On that note, there isn’t much wrong you could do there. However, most NFL players are modern gamers who expect to be accommodated to advance gaming technologies for the game. It doesn’t seem EA Sports has any intentions of moving forward with things like improved AI mechanics, more in-depth testing, and engine enhancements (that haven’t been overhauled in a major way since the game’s inception.

Of course, the game still slams the market, making record-breaking sales every year, so the community – as much as it complains about this game – is still buying it. No wonder EA’s motivation to fix their game’s issues is nonexistent. Regardless, Madden NFL still stands as a go-to franchise for sports simulation, and this year seems to be no different.

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