Game Description

Majong is a free mahjong game. Sometimes in life, you just want to keep it simple and take it easy. We know what it’s like when you don’t want any bells and whistles. Well, there are no twists and no surprises when it comes to this free online game of mahjong. This is just an easy laid-back classic take on the mahjong formula. In fact, this game is so laid back we didn’t even bother spelling mahjong right. Why should we bother? This is just a fun game between friends after all. This is a classic take on the favorite board game. It uses traditional tiles and is set against a classic background with a dragon design. Nothing fancy, but definitely still beautiful. There is a whomping 60 levels of this mahjong game for you to solve! Each level has its own set of tiles with a different pattern for you to tackle. Solve all 60 levels and submit your final score. If you are in the top players, you get to see your username on the screen!


On your mobile or desktop device please use your finger to tap or your mouse to point and click. Your goal is to find and connect any matching mahjong tiles. Be careful not to try and tap on the ones that have been locked in and don’t be scared to reshuffle if you need to.

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