Domino Battle

Game Description Domino Battle is a free domino game. There are so many different ways to play dominoes because it is a classic math-based puzzle game that has entertained generations with its simple, minimalistic theme and numbers-first attitude. This is truly a game of skill where players will test their wits against other players and […]

Rally Point 3

Game Description Vroom vroom goes the race car. This is a super-fast, first-person style race game where players are going to be going head to head with AI racers or challenging their own best time in the time trials. This is a super-fast racing game that will allow you to unlock new cars, new tracks, […]


Game Description Majong is a free mahjong game. Sometimes in life, you just want to keep it simple and take it easy. We know what it’s like when you don’t want any bells and whistles. Well, there are no twists and no surprises when it comes to this free online game of mahjong. This is […]

Las Vegas Roulette

Game Description Play roulette just like you are in Las Vegas! Just try to not lose all your money in the process.


Game Description Old School Hangman is a free word game. We love Hangman, it is a classic game of bluffing and guessing. You must flex your ability to sus out a word based on only a few clues. If you can’t do it then you will slowly manifest, piece by piece, like a corpse hanging […]

Jewelish Blitz

Game Description Jewelish Blitz is a match-three game. Pattern recognition is more than a fun hobby, it is a life skill that needs to be trained and sharpened like any other talent. In Jewelish Blitz you will put your skills to the test as you take on the toughest Jewels around: Blitzing Jewels. Jewelish Blitz […]

Snow Queen 5

Game Description Snow Queen 5 is a free jewel game. The Snow Queen is here, she is back, and she is looking for revenge. It will be up to you to generate the energy and the power needed in order to devestate the queen herself. You’ll have to mine the energy by matching your way […]

Spear Stickman

Game Description Primitive in every sense. Shoot the other player by aiming your arrow. If you get a headshot, the enemy is immediately dead.

Parkour Climb

Game Description Parkour Climb s a free clicker game. In some cities, the buildings are so tall it feels like they never end. They just go up and up forever, in an endless race to a horizon that is perpetually just out of reach. If you’ve ever seen these buildings from the ground floor there […]

Spear Toss Challenge

Game Description Spear Toss Challenge is a sports game. Run, throw, score: that is the motto of the Spear Toss champions from around the world. Whether you’re a born athlete, a keyboard jockey, or a humble noob you’ll find yourself lost in an immersive game of running, then throwing, and then scoring. This is a […]