Solitaire TriPeaks Garden

Game Description Solitaire TriPeaks Garden is a free Solitaire game. Welcome to the most romantic garden in the world. As the t-shirts say ‘Gardens are for lovers.’ Indeed. And we hope you love card games as much as you love your significant other, especially solitaire card games! That is what Solitaire Tri-Peaks Gardens is, a […]

Poker Solitaire

Game Description Poker Solitaire is a free card game. This is the ultimate synthesis of your two favorite card games. Poker and Solitaire are classic games that have entertained generations of players for hundreds of years. People love Poker for the drafting and tableau building that is inherent in its mechanics. Other players enjoy the […]

Las Vegas Roulette

Game Description Play roulette just like you are in Las Vegas! Just try to not lose all your money in the process.

Daily Solitaire

Game Description Daily Solitaire is a solo card game. Solitaire truly is a game of kings. A game which has lived on and been passed down through the ages for generations. It requires tactical skill and long term strategic choices. You must manage your hand and the cards in your multiple lines. On your top […]

Fruit Slots

Game Description Fruit Slot Machine is a free casino game.  Welcome to a world of competitive fruit growing where strawberries and cherries fall flip through the reels and land face up on your screen. Slam down on the slot machine and watch the columns whirl. Try to line up the different items in a variety […]